Working From Home: How to manage posture and back pain

Mohammed Abdul Nawaz


Medcare Medical Centre – Dubai Marina

Using foldable furniture, sofas, beds or on the floor while we Work From Home (WFH) can sometimes lead to sitting in one place for long hours in incorrect postures that can lead to back pains and several other issues. These conditions can lead to permanent damage to our spine and back, in general.

Below are some simple suggestions for your workspace at home to help optimize your posture and improve your comfort:

  • Work at a desk or table with adequate knee and foot clearance. 
  • Use an adjustable chair, add a rolled-up hand towel or pillow for back support (if required). 
  • Raise your chair to the level of your tabletop (most kitchen tables and desks are too high). Use a pillow as a seat cushion if needed.
  • Raise your monitor using books, old shoe boxes, etc. Position your laptop so that the top of the screen is level with your eyesight. 
  • Use an external keyboard and mouse with your laptop.
  • If sitting, it is essential to maintain your posture – shoulders should be relaxed (avoid slouching). If standing, keep your legs, torso, neck, and head approximately in line and vertical.
  • Do not sit or stand for too long, move around every 30 minutes. Do some warmup exercises such as stretching and walking around.