What is Mascne? How to prevent and treat face breakouts from wearing a mask

Mascne caused by wearing mask

Dr. Nabila Mahmoud Rashid, Specialist Dermatologist, Medcare Multispecialty Hospital, Dubai 

Wearing a mask in public has become essential for us to stay safe from Covid-19. It has become our daily routine. The general stores, restaurants and hospitals have made it compulsory to wear a mask before entering it.

If you are developing skin problems like acne due to long-term usage of a mask, you are not alone.

What is mascne?

Mascne or Maskne is a situation created by wearing a mask or face coverings.

Mascne does not merely end in the creation of pimples. It may also cause other skin problems like itching, skin rashes, redness, and bumpiness.

There is as such no way of preventing Mascne from developing. Due to Covid-19, people have to wear a mask for longer periods. Sometimes lead to sweating which blocks the follicles and causes acne. If you are worried about Mascne, then read on. We will explore the potential causes of Mascne and how we can take precautions to avoid developing Mascne.

Another cause could be skin irritation due to the material of the masks. Trial of different mask material that cause less irritation can be helpful. Example: not using an N95 (harsh material), instead using soft cotton masks that are less irritable to the face. 

What must you know about Mascne?

    It is a condition, as said above, developed due to any face coverings. It can include
  • Acne

    It happens when the pores on your skin are clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and dirt.
  • Contact Dermatitis

    - If your face skin is allergic to face coverings or any material, it can result in irritation, red rashes, and blisters.
  • Rosacea

    - It is a form of pimples and redness in the skin.

If you are facing any of these symptoms already, then your skin is prone to Mascne.

Before we understand the precautionary measures we can take to avoid Mascne, we must first learn how this Mascne develops.

What are the causes of Mascne?

As said in our previous section, Mascne can be developed if you suffer from any of the mentioned symptoms.

In most cases, Mascne results in the clogging pores of the skin. Remember, your face already has bacteria, oil, and dead skin. Wearing a mask favors the situation and block the pores.

Additionally, at times, the material of the mask causes friction. It results in irritation, red skin, and rashes.

Let us now understand how we can treat Mascne.

How to treat Mascne?

It is essential to wear a mask during the Covid-19 scenario. It is necessary to cover your nose and mouth with a mask to stay away from the Corona Virus.

There are several ways to treat Mascne. Let us now go through the steps.

a. Avoid applying make-up when you are wearing a mask

Skip applying make-up on your face while wearing a mask. Beauty products like foundation, concealer, etc., block your pores, resulting in the formation of Mascne.

b. Wash your mask after using it

If you are using a reusable mask, then create a habit of washing it thoroughly after using it. Reuse the washes mask again once it is 100% dry.

c. Wash your face regularly

    You need to wash your face regularly. Like,
  • Once in the morning
  • Once before going to sleep at night
  • After removing the mask

d. Moisturize your skin after face wash

You need to apply a moisturizer if you have a dry skin problem.

e. Remove your mask after every 4 hours

Do not continue wearing a mask for more than 4 hours. Change your mask after every 4 hours. And once you remove it, wash your face before wearing another.


Mascne or Maskne is a condition of acne breakouts where you will feel irritation on your skin, rashes may develop and many other symptoms that you might have to face. Though it happens because of wearing a mask, never avoid wearing a mask in a public place. You just need to keep some tips in mind to stay away from the condition. You can even consult a dermatologist or any healthcare professional.

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