WFH And Healthy Snacking – What Healthy Snacking Looks Like

 Dr Jeffey George, Consultant Gasteroenterologist, Aster Medcity , Kochi , Kerala

While work from home offers the luxury of working from the comfort of one’s house, it also allows a more flexible schedule. Taking a break often means snacking or a trip to the fridge. This also affects eating patterns - from fixed eating schedules when at work to lazy snacking while working from home.

Advantages of snacking during work is that it:

  • Keeps you boosted and motivated
  • Prevents skipping of meals

However, people often don’t realise that unhealthy snacking can lead to unwanted weight gain. Hence in order to make snacking as beneficial as above, one needs to gorge on healthy foods such as  those with proteins and fibre filled carbohydrates:

Eg : Grilled / roasted chicken                                        Fruits

       Hard boiled eggs                                                      Wholewheat toast

       Tuna / Salmon salad                                                Granola bars or multigrain oats

       Roasted nuts                                               

       Yogurt / Dry fruits (almonds, walnut, cashews and raisins)

DOs of healthy eating at home:

  1. Set up a schedule for the day
  2. Never skip your first meal of the day – the breakfast
  3. Take mini breaks at regular intervals – walk around the house, do some stretching
  4. Have a proper lunch break
  5. Chose your snacks which are healthy and rejuvenating
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Do not snack when you are bored but only when hungry
  8. Eat away from your place of work
  9. Make sure you exercise regularly and at regular intervals

Happy snacking!