Wearing A Mask While Working Out Or At The Gym

Dr. Sandeep Pargi, Pulmonology (Specialist in Respiratory Medicine), Aster Hospital, Mankhool

Now that the lockdown is being eased and people are returning to the ‘New Normal’, it is essential to understand how the personal protection would look like while working out such as jogging or running or going to the gym.


While gyms have re-opened keeping in mind social distancing guidelines, it is essential for us to understand that it still remains a closed space with equipment that are touched by multiple people.

In such a situation wearing a mask may be a good idea to avoid any germ particles reaching you face especially through our hands, since unknowingly, we touch our face many times.

If using medical masks gives discomfort during a strenuous work-out, people may switch to cloth masks, still maintaining social distancing standards.


Working out in open spaces allows more movement and better social distancing.
Working out in the open may also involve you using your personal equipment, which given the current scenario is a preferable choice.

Although not mandatory in the UAE, it is advisable to use a mask while jogging in the park, at least a cloth mask if medical masks are uncomfortable. Even in big parks and open spaces, once should not forget to practice social distancing.