Jumping on trampoline for Good health

Dr. Yashi Binay, Department of Pediatrics, Aster Al Raffah Polyclinic, Oman

The entire premise of this article is to emphasize on the profound importance of ‘Fun’ in the integral development of one’s child and the general well-being of adults.

Playtime helps young children learn to solve problems, get along with others, express their creativity and develop their physical dexterity and language skills. It is through this that young children experience the joy of learning.

Engaging in activities with parents, relatives as well as peers is essential in building their brain and body and help in establishing and strengthening social relationships.

Trampoline jumping is one such potpourri of mixed advantages. It is like a blank canvas that can be used in so many ways by kids and adults alike.

Benefits of Trampoline Jumping for any Age

  • Trampolines are similar to gym equipment and allow for some vigorous aerobic workouts and activities.
  • Good quality trampolines not only provides years of enjoyment for the family but it is also a great way to stimulate the imagination of the family members and allow them to challenge each other with games.
  • Everyone can enjoy the benefits of trampolining as it is fun for young and old alike and hence provides quality family time.
  • It offers children a rare opportunity to work on gross motor skills in a fun environment. A trampoline is excellent for increasing coordination and building muscles and is proven good for those with autism as physical activity is good for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • While kids have fun, their safety is key, and with trampolines, it is a very affordable option for fun for the entire family.

A prescription for all – To help keep playtime a key part of childhood and adulthood and enjoy an excellent family time together.