Things to do with your children

Things to do with Children During Covid-19

An essential to keep in mind during this lockdown is the fact that many of us have been able to cut back on the chase of our day-to-day lives and have been able to invest some quality time with the children.

In times like these, it is essential that parents use free-time to bond with their children and one of the best (and honestly, least tiring ways) to do so is by watching TV together. Now, while there may be the occasional fight over the remote about who gets to watch their favorite channel, parents can find some shows that may be interesting for both them, as well as their children to watch together.

We would also like to recommend something that parents and children can do together inside the house, with a little bit of help from Alexa. Keep scrolling to find out!

What to watch:

Name of series: Broken

Broken - Netflix Movie

Media: Netflix

What do we recommend: Episode 4 – Recycling Sham

Broken is a docuseries on Netflix that talks about the negligence on the part of industries of consumer markets that lead to dire outcomes over time.

The episode we recommend you to watch is the final episode of the series that discuss how industries market and sell single – use plastics as recyclable items and that consumers purchasing them unaware and these plastics ultimately end up in landfills or into the ocean. An excellent episode to watch with kids which not just would allow you to know more about what happens to your household items once you discard them, adding to excessive pollution but also allows kids to understand the effects of these plastics on the environment and how their use can be reduced.

Link: Broken - Netflix - Investigative Docseries

Name of series: Brainchild

Brainchild - Netflix Movie

Media: Netflix

What do we recommend: All episodes

Can’t understand the hype about social media? Don’t know what germs are? What do the oceans consist of? Plenty of answers to find but don’t know where to start? Brainchild takes you on a journey to explore the science of the world in fun and quirky ways – a series that allows both parents as well children to discover answers and things around us which are as relevant as social media, as tiny as germs or as large as oceans and even things we cannot see such as motivation and emotions. The series ends with a mental and physical challenge between kids and their parents that is fun to watch for the entire family.

Link: Branchild - Netflix Series

What to play: The Magic Door

What to play: The Magic Door - Amazon Prime Movie

Who to play with: Parents, Children and Alexa

Where to play: Inside the house

Type of game: Adventure

Who said we cannot have some fun and adventure inside the house. With Alexa around, there is plenty to do. The Magic Door is a fun and interactive game session where you can embark on various adventures with your family. Alexa lets you choose answers along the missions as you maneuver through the magical land.

Voice applications are made to sound better by using Alexa and Google Assistant.

To play and get started on the adventure, simply say, “Alexa, open the Magic Door”

Link: The Magic Door - Amazon Prime Movie