Supplements To Maintain Health And Wellness In The New Normal

Dr. Fatemeh Aghanasiri

General Practitioner

Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranches

Supplements should be taken along with a balanced diet. The kind and usage of supplements depends on a person’s age (both men and women):

  • Vitamin D:

    A supplement that is important for all age groups is Vitamin D. A common source of Vitamin D is sunlight, but with outdoor activities limited, supplements can replacements. The intake dosage of Vitamin D is related to age, and this varies depending on which phase of life a person is in. This detailed NHS UK recommendation can be useful.
  • Iron and Folate:

    Iron and folate are important nutrients for teenagers, particularly for girls. Besides Vitamin D, Folate and Iron are recommended during the adolescent phase to help with their growth spurt.
  • Between the age group of 20 – 40 years:

    Apart from vitamin D supplements, men usually don’t need any supplements as long as they are consuming recommended food items in all food groups, but in women, Folate and Iron supplements are commonly recommended.
  • In late 50’s: Recommended intake of Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, mainly in women.

  • Post 60 years of age:

    People are recommended Calcium and Vitamin D supplements along with other essential ones such as Vitamin B groups or other minerals depending on a person’s diet and lifestyle.

It is highly recommended to consult your General Physician about what supplements should be taken which are appropriate for your age, diet and lifestyle choices. Now you can have your vitamins and supplements delivered to your doorstep in UAE with Aster’s e-pharmacy. Check Asteronline or call/whatsapp +971800700600