Skincare for men over 60 years of age


Dr Ramachandran Rajagopal, Dermatology Specialist, Aster Hospital- Qusais, Dubai

Aging involves changes which you can enjoy if you understand what’s going on with your body and take steps to maintain your health. In terms of changes to the skin, it tends to get dry and wrinkle as age progresses. Through very simple steps men can ensure that they have good skin during their old age:

  • Apply creamy moisturizer within 5 minutes of bathing. It is recommended to use fragrance free skin products
  • Use moisturizer based body washes or shower gels while bathing. Avoid showering/bathing with hot water, use warm water instead
  • Avoid using bath oils as it increases the chances of slipping and falling, leading to injuries and accidents in the bathroom.
  • Use moisturizers with sunscreen regularly in the daytime, especially when going outdoors.
  • Avoid sitting directly under sunlight. Find places to sit under shaded areas.
  • Consult your doctor and get regular skin cancer examinations done.
  • Continue the use of anti-aging creams in night and eye contour creams during the day.

If you notice any unusual changes in your skin texture, color or notice any new spots on the skin, consult a dermatologist immediately.