Public Transport in the New Normal: What To Keep In Mind

Dr Titty Mary Thomas, Specialist Family Medicine, Aster Clinic - JLT

A major point to keep in mind should be that, while choosing a form of transport, people need to check if they have any alternative means of transportation such as walking or cycling or driving to work. In case the aforementioned options are not available, they should go ahead and use public transportation keeping the below tips in mind:

  • Take the shortest route possible which requires least time spent in public transport systems
  • Avoid routes that require you to change trains or buses multiple times.
  • Wait for other passengers to get off before boarding the public transport vehicle and do not push each other
  • Practice social distancing wherever possible
  • Keep your face covered at all times and preferably wear gloves
  • Avoid using public toilets or sitting on public benches inside the bus or train stations
  • Leave earlier than usual so that you have the option of waiting for the next train or bus if the current one gets too crowded
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after reaching your destination

You may be in a situation where maintaining social distancing may not be possible. In such instances keep your face covered and stand or sit facing away from people, for example, facing the wall or window.