Physical And Mental Impact Of Being In Isolation

Effects of staying Home during Covid-19

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhameed, Internal Medicine, Medcare Women & Children Hospital

Isolation in a closed space can have many physical and mental impacts especially in the long term. Bed ridden, critically ill patients require extra effort from the medical team and family to overcome side effects.

  • Most people who stay isolated for a long time may develop depression and/or sleeping disorders. Such effects can mostly be managed through medical treatment and family support. Some hospitals and isolation facilities may provide entertainment programs which help in supporting the mental and psychological state of people in isolation and long term cases. Psychiatrist assessment and consultation for such groups of patients to start the treatment at early stage of illness can also help in overcoming unfavourable consequences.
  • The physical impact of isolation especially in long bed recumbence are many. Most of the patients experience fatigue, muscle weakness, chronic pain, and if their mobility were restricted, they might be at risk of development of venous thrombosis and its complications. To avoid that, active and passive exercises and physical therapy is recommended on a daily basis.
  • Patients should be well hydrated with multivitamin supplement support. Some medicines may also be prescribed to avoid the venous clotting and maintain active blood circulation.

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