Mental Wellness

Long distance marriage tips
07/23/2021 - 08:59
Long-distance relationships are easily romanticized. Who doesn't enjoy a story about star-...
Consequences of Digital Media on Mental health
06/04/2021 - 10:28
Remember that popular sequence in ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons where Jerry is being chased by Tom and...
Woman maintaining long distance marriage during covid
03/19/2021 - 12:31
Expats who stay alone are under immense stress more so now during the pandemic than ever before....
Taking care of yourself while working from home
01/12/2021 - 12:50
As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic gains strength in many parts of the world, it is...
Dealing  with loss of loved ones
11/19/2020 - 14:12
Loss of a loved one is an unpreventable event. It is a challenge that demands a reset mechanism...
 supporting  children’s mental health during covid-19
11/19/2020 - 14:03
With schools slowly opening around the world, approximately 1.5 billion students have
10/30/2020 - 13:38
While some children may be vocal about their feelings, there are many, especially younger children...
Good quality sleep for better immune system
10/30/2020 - 13:35
When it comes to setting sleep goals, most people focus on the number of hours they spend in bed....
Tips to Communicate Effectively While wearing a Mask
10/30/2020 - 13:32
Facial expressions are important components of human interactions. While masks ensure safety, they...
Managing Social Anxiety after quarantine
10/30/2020 - 13:30
According to National Institute of Mental Health, “Social anxiety disorder (also called social...