Hygiene Measures At Places Of Worship

Covid-19 Measures at worship places

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Hygiene Measures At Places Of Worship

Dr. Anil G D, Specialist Internal Medicine, Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar, Oman

As lockdown measures are slowly being relaxed across many countries and with people adapting to a new normal, certain personal measures should be adapted in places of gatherings and worship to prevent the spread of the virus so here are the :

COVID 19 Guidelines For Worship Places

  • Limited occupancy at places of worship. Depending on existing local guidelines, limiting the occupancy to less than 50% of the capacity at a time will prevent overcrowding at places of worship.
  • Ensure social distancing of 6 feet or more
  • Conduct temperature checks at the entrance
  • Encourage staff and worshipers to follow proper hand hygiene by washing hands using soaps or using hand sanitizers
  • Markings should be done on the floor to help people practice social distancing
  • Provisions of soap and running water should be made for washing hands. Keep hand sanitizers at entry and exit points.
  • Wear mask or any form of face covering
  • Avoid touching door handles, idols, instruments etc.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in enclosed places
  • Follow proper cleaning protocol at places of worship
  • Cleaning should be done between each session of prayer especially surfaces where chances of touching is more like door handles, gates, railings and mats
  • Prevent sharing of worship materials, encourage people to get their own materials such as scarves, mats etc.
  • Avoid physical contact while greeting
  • Encourage elder people and people with co morbid conditions to access places of worship remotely and virtually over Internet