How to explain the New Normal to your children without causing fear and panic?

Children getting ready for new normal

Dr. Sudheer K A,
Consultant Neonatology & Paediatrics
Aster CMI Hospital

Take it as a lifetime opportunity to engage with your children, do not create panic, instead plan well ahead and encourage them for the new normal post COVID-19 lock-down.

Develop Right Habits in children

  • Eat healthy home food at right intervals, practice regular hand hygiene.
  • Do physical exercises regularly.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Develop compassion and empathy.
  • Encourage hobbies and skill development like reading, painting, gardening, acting, singing and learning new languages
  • Lead by an example -Parents must practice all the above as children emulate the qualities of their parents.

Encourage New ways of receiving Education

  • Parents now have to plan the day for children and ensure that they participate in virtual classroom session without fail, so that they maintain the healthy pace of learning.

Family bonding reduces children’s anxiety

  • Indulge in fun activities with children such as; playing games, storytelling, singing, acting, watching family shows etc.
  • Help them find- safe socializing video calling apps or space so that they could interact with their friends, teachers and feel connected with their peers. All these will boost children’s self-esteem, confidence and relieve them from the stress of not being outdoors.

Create awareness on positive side of lock down

  • Less environment pollution that has resulted in reduced global warming.
  • Self-sustenance and frugality.
  • Communities helping in activities of compassion and selfless service.
  • Learning new skill-sets at home – Virtual learning apps.
  • Family bonding