Home quarantine during COVID-19: Tips to beat the blues

Tips to beat the quarantine blues

Dr Shilpa Murthy, Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

The COVID – 19 pandemic has been incredibly stressful. Public health actions such as social distancing and home isolation can make people feel isolated and lonely, thereby increasing stress and anxiety.

Some tips to beat the home quarantine blues are:

  • Have the right information about COVID-19, gather information or read news only from reliable sources and official government channels.
  • Utilize excess spare time to take care of yourself. Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest and sleep, meditate,  avoid excessive alcohol and drug use. 
  • Do not skip your regular medications.
  • Get involved in other activities that you enjoy.
  • Connect with people you trust and talk about your concerns and feelings.
  • Always be connected to social media to know what is happening around you
  • Seek medical help when required.

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