Gaining back physical strength and immunity

post covid 19 recovery

Gobinath Jayaraman, Head - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Aster Hospital Mankhool, Dubai

It is essential that once a patient is discharged, he/she is able to return to normalcy. This will only be possible if they have the right strength to carry out regular activities and at the same time their immunity regains normalcy. 


  • Exercise: Regular exercise is essential in such cases as the body produces antibodies and T-cells, helping them to circulate more rapidly


  • Proper rest: It is essential to sleep and take rest. Sleep helps to reboot the body and also in turn, reboots the immunity system. Not enough sleep leads to the body producing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones in turn, not only keeps one awake but also affects the immune system.
  • Balanced diet: Patients should also consult dieticians to set a balanced diet plan depending on several factors, such as age, underlying conditions, lifestyle etc. A balanced diet would usually involve consuming food items from all the 5 food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables, dairy and fats and sugars.


Over and above, once the recovery from the infection begins, one needs to pay attention to what their body tells them. Recovery does not end once the patient is discharged. Physiotherapy provides people the support to get back to their normal routines in a more controlled and stress-less environment.