Health and Productivity goes


An employee’s role within an organization is of utmost importance therefore it is significant that he/she is mentally and physically healthy as well as flexible to adjust into new work norms.For an employee to be able to perform his/her duties fully, they will need to follow changes within the organization and adjust to a new routine and remain productive.

Managers and Team Leaders should

  • Communicate clearly and be decisive
  • Lead by example
  • Be extra flexible because everyone is adjusting to new routines
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Most manufacturing units need presence of staff to function fully. Therefore, a different set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be applicable in this industry such as:
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The services industry too cannot operate without presence of staff therefore it should put in place the proper infrastructure prerequisites and arrangements before reopening:
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Make all rules clear to the employees working in the retail industry and establish clear communication channels for long term operations.
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No new projects can be completed without the presence of adequate staff. Hence it is important to set clear guidelines and train employees on social distancing and the importance of using safety gear:
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