Dos and Don’ts for people at high risk of contracting Covid-19

Do's & Dont's for People to avoid covid-19
Dr. Uma C Sreedevi

Consultant – Anaesthesiology

Aster Prime Hospital – Hyderabad


  1. Stay home. Avoid face to face contact.
  2. Exercise regularly – Yoga / walk in balcony.
  3. Minimize non-essential contact with household members.
  4. Keep in touch with family and friends online.
  5. Let family / friends arrange food, medicines, shopping.
  6. Care givers – must wash hands on arriving, frequently during the stay and maintain 2m distance. If care giver falls sick must stay away for 14 days. Since start of symptoms and 5 days with no fever.
  7. People in your household must follow frequent handwashing, social distancing, avoid using same towels, cutlery, room space.
  8. Take medicines regularly. Keep comorbidities under control.
  9. Use phone or online means to keep in touch with your doctor regularly.
  10. Visit hospital only in case of emergencies or on advice of your doctor with prior appointment. Use gloves, mask and keep social distance during visits.
  11. Seek medical help digitally as much as possible. Aster e-Consult could be of help.


  1. No visitors except essential care.
  2. No gatherings.