Children's Activity Ideas 2-3 Years

Courtesy: Toddler Town

Handprint Family Tree

Resources Needed:

  • Different coloured paint (one colour for every family member
  • White card or paper
  • Brown paint
  • Glue
  • Paint brush


This handprint family tree will be a great keepsake in later years to come so using the card will help it keep its shape for longer.

Firstly you need to cut a tree trunk shape out of brown card and then stick this onto the white card. Next, you need to paint one of your child’s hands and press it onto the white card near a branch on the tree (as shown in the image)

Next, choose a different colour to paint your hand before making a print on the next branch. You can then repeat this for all members of your family to create your very own family tree.

Cardboard Shape Printing

Resources Needed:

  • A selection of different  colour paints.
  • Cardboard tubes
  • A3 size white paper
  • A tray for the paints


Using cardboard tubes enables children to print shapes with an easy grip. It is a playful maths learning activity for young children.
All you need to do is make your own shape printers by folding cardboard tubes into a range of shapes.

Then demonstrate to your children how to use the tubes with the paint to print shapes and let your child explore printing.

Moon and Star Glitter

Resources Needed:

  • Lolly pop stick
  • String
  • Hole puncher
  • Two A4 white card paper
  • Scissors
  • Glitter


Using the white card paper, cut out a star and a moon shape. Put glue all over the star and the moon and allow your child to decorate it using giltter . Using the hold puncher, punch two holes, one at the top of the moon and the other on the star.

Then cut some of the string and put it through the hole and tie a knot. Then tie the other end of the sting on the lolly pop stick and your star and moon are ready for your house decoration.

Lion Craft

Resources Needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Black Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Orange and Yellow Paint


This is a great craft idea to let your children explore the feel of paint and to allow them to create their own marks on paper. All you need is a paper plate and some orange and yellow paint.

The best way to let children explore is to squeeze a good sized amount of both paints onto the paper and then encourage your children to put their hands into it. You can demonstrate how to move the paint around and let them explore with it for as long as they like.

Once they have finished you can let the paint dry then simply take a pair of scissors and make small snips into the edge of the paper plate to make a mane like effect. You can then draw on some eyes, a nose and a mouth to finish off your lion!

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles can help children’s exploration, observation and experimental skills and are a great resource for babies and toddlers.

All you need to do is save some small water bottles and fill them with a range of different resources. These can be things such as water, glitter, oil, food colouring, rice and so much more. Just remember to tape the lids incase any of those little fingers manage to work out how to unscrew the lid!
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