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A Guide On The New Normal


The Balanced Life

A guide to mental health & wellness

by Alisha Moopen

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In just a few weeks, Covid19 has changed the way the world operates. A new normal has been set and in the brand new world we all have to adjust to lots of changes and naturally there is fear and anxiety even while performing the same activities that were considered normal pre-Covid19.

Here we give you a guide to a new normal daily routine that everyone should be following to #StaySafe. This guide addresses a range of issues or matters that are likely to impact individuals and businesses as we try and adjust to new routines. It also touches upon how to overcome them. The guide addresses each health issue separately, making it easier to understand the implications and offers tips to maintain safety and wellbeing of the society at large.

Four life tracks are addressed here to explain how a new normal should be dealt with.

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